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Curriculum Vitae

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Contatti stampa

Contatti stampa

Andrea Natale
Marketing Manager

+39 02 818061


Günter Schauerte

Günter Schauerte

Senior HR Business Partner Continental Europe


Contatti Service

Contatti Service

Bernardo Bartoccioni
Service Director

+39 02 818066


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If you’re a team player with a passion and desire to protect what matters most, take a look at our available career options.

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“Le soluzioni di Johnson Controls hanno battuto la concorrenza, combinando esperienza del settore a livello locale e riconoscimento a livello internazionale, prodotti di qualità e una comprovata esperienza in soluzioni per la riduzione dei furti."


"La soluzione di Johnson Controls per Aspiag Service ha portato a una riduzione delle perdite di inventario che ha coperto rapidamente i costi di installazione: questo investimento ha prodotto un aumento dei profitti."


"Attraverso l'offerta di una piattaforma di store performance completa, scalabile e gestibile in remoto, l'approccio integrato di Johnson Controls si è distinto dalla concorrenza.



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Johnson Controls’s Sensormatic Brand Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation Leading the way with disruptive technology designed to drive the retail industry forward

Tyco Retail Solutions (www.tycoretailsolutions.com) is proud to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its genuine Sensormatic brand, a name synonymous with innovation, quality and service. The company’s first anti-theft pedestals and tags were disruptive technologies to an industry that relied on physical security for merchandise protection. Today,... 


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Storie di successo in Johnson Controls


Manager Compensation & Benefits Continental Europe

My success lies in… my two main passions, which my job allows me to merge – numbers and people.


Retail Product Manager

My success lies in… my passion to inspire customers and our internal organizations.


Finance Director

My success lies in… always making sure that I like and enjoy what I do. If you like what you do, you’ll be successful.


Business Development Manager, Store Performance Solutions

My success lies in... my passion for the Retail Industry, it’s all about spirit and emotion.


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